How often should you clean air conditioner filter?
September 8, 2017

How air conditioning works?

Almost nobody will spend their time understanding the air conditioning basics prior to purchasing an air conditioning unit. Well literally, what is the purpose of exploring the working principle behind when all we care about are the cool air and soothing comfort it gives? Nonetheless, getting to know the basics could serve as a reference for you to select the most suitable wall mounted air conditioner or other types of air conditioning for your premise.
Air conditioning cycle stages comprised of compressor, blower, condenser and evaporator.
Warm air inside the room with the air conditioning unit will be pulled into the blower motor before being directed to the evaporator coil.
Once inside the evaporator coil, refrigerant or coolant will be supplied by the compressor and cool the warm air, chilling it to the the desired temperature set by the thermostat.
The cooled air will then be made to flow out through the vents and into the room whereas the the heated refrigerant in the evaporator will return back to the compressor system which consists of condensing unit as well.
In the condensing unit, the warmed refrigerant will be cooled by the outdoor coils and fans and the cycle repeats.
The overall operations of the air conditioning unit is based on the phase changes of the gas or refrigerant. The air conditioning unit will heat or cool the refrigerant in order to decrease the room temperature to a comfortably cool level. When the refrigerant is cooled, its function is to absorb heat from the warm air when both are in contact. After cooling the air, the warm refrigerant will then expel the heat it carries through the functions of coils and fans outdoors. Besides knowing the working principle, getting to learn how often should you clean air conditioner filter also helps you in selecting the right choice of products.


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